The Predator 165 Sea Angler Fast Fishing Boat

predator 165 fishing boat

The Predator 165 Sea Angler sets new standards of performance and safety for sports fishing boats, incorporated into a modern and stylish design. The Predator 165 Sea Angler is hand built at our boatyard in Lancashire by skilled and experienced craftsmen using top quality Lloyds’ approved materials.

But the Predator 165 Sea Angler is more than just an excellent fishing boat. The easy entry stern makes it ideal for water-skiing and for use as a dive boat, the modern, highly stable, hybrid hull form makes it ideal for use as a work boat as well as a fishing boat, and the unique “life-ring” of built in buoyancy means it is one of the safest boats of its kind.”

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Seriously fun fishing boat! Check out the Predator 165 in use…

The many excellent features of the Predator 165 Sea Angler make it the prefect choice for sea fishing, family fun or as a work boat.

In fact, the excellent sea-going hull, together with the unique safety features of the Predator 165, caused Mike Thrussell, an independent boat tester, to write in Total Sea Fishing, “She has the capability to be worked well off shore.”  The Predator 165 has been tested for performance, safe handling, down-flooding heights and swamped stability with outboard motors up to 80Hp. For the main engine, we recommend an outboard motor in the range 50Hp to 70Hp.

Why buy a Predator 165?

If you are about to buy a new boat, perhaps the first question you might ask yourself is, “Why buy a Predator rather than one of the many similar boats on the market?” In a nutshell, the main reasons are:

  • All-round Excellent Performance
  • Superb Safety
  • Excellent Value For Money
  • Robust proven quality
  • Approachable Friendly Customer Service
  • Hand Built in Britain

If you are not sure that a new Predator 165 is the right choice for you, then why not give us a call for open honest friendly advice.

Special Offers

At Predator Boats, we have negotiated the keenest possible prices for the outboard motors and trailers we buy, and the savings we achieve are passed on to our customers. This is why we can offer such amazing discounts on our package deals! Occasionally, we get the opportunity to pass on ‘special’ savings, which we will advertise separately. All the savings we offer to our customers are genuinely discounted prices. We will always make it clear if an item is ‘old stock’ or of a ‘second’ quality.