The Serious Fishing Boat that’s Built to Last

Every Predator 165 Sea Angler is hand built by our skilled and experienced craftsmen in our workshops at Douglas Boatyard in Lancashire. Here, we use only the very best, Lloyds Approved materials, and each boat is inspected for quality control at every stage of construction.

It is because of this attention to detail that we can confidently promise that your new Predator 165 will be, “Designed to Perform. Built to Last!”

Protection from Osmosis

165-slingsOsmosis is said to be “the cancer of GRP boats”, it certainly drastically reduces their value!

Boat builders can significantly reduce the chances of osmosis by using an osmosis-resistant gelcoat. As you would expect, the best gelcoats, called Full Isophthalic Gelcoats, are much more expensive than ordinary gelcoats, so not all boat builders use them.

To ensure maximum protection from osmosis, every Predator 165 is built with 2 full coats of Full Isophthalic Gelcoat. As we say, the Predator 165 is a fishing boat that’s “Built to Last”

Strong Build

165-underfloorShown here is the extensive hull reinforcement that goes into every Predator 165. The keel is 350 mm deep and is cut from solid Idigbo, a strong and rot-resistant hardwood. In addition, there are timber panels that reinforce the hull for the trailer rollers.

The whole of the hull interior is then glassed over to further strengthen hull and to fully encapsulate the reinforcing timber. Finally, the floor is fitted and the main under-floor void is fully foam-filled to create an immensely strong box structure. The Predator 165 is one of the strongest fishing boats you can buy!


pred165buoyancyThe Predator 165 is one of the safest fishing boats in its class. It has a life-ring of buoyancy that makes the boat float level, even with an 80hp 4-stroke outboard on the transom. All you need to do if swamped is bale out some of the water, start the engine and head for home!

This photo shows the two rear buoyancy tanks (one either side of the fuel tank) and the two side buoyancy tanks that together make up the unique Predator Boats’ life ring of buoyancy.

Note also the carborrundum impregnated resin nonslip floor finish, a hard-wearing finish that will remain nonslip, year in, year out.

Quality Fittings

pred165consoleThis photograph shows the steering console with the fire extinguisher in its housing, fitted as standard on the Predator 165. It also shows the optional six-way switch panel and upholstered cushions for the cuddy seats.

The steering system fitted to the Predator 165 is a top quality no-feedback system which gives the Predator 165 a “Big Boat” feel. This system also enables the boat to maintain its course when trolling without having to constantly adjust the steering. In fact, it’s a fishing boat that’s a dream to handle, as Mike Thrussell, writing in Total Sea Fishing magazine, put it, “Driving the Predator 165 is a piece of cake.”

Practical Design

pred165forehatchThe Predator 165 is fitted with a large forehatch to enable anchoring to be carried out from the safety of the cuddy. The forehatch is also designed to permit any spare anchor rope to be brought into the cuddy under the bottom of the hatch so that it can be stowed out of the way in the anchor well, under the foredeck.

For those who prefer the side-anchoring method, the bow roller fitted as standard includes an anti jump-off loop to keep the anchor warp on the roller. This photograph also shows the stainless steel foredeck bollard and bow roller (both fitted as standard).

The Predator 165 is designed and built to be a serious fishing boat.

Outstanding Performance

pred-01bThe Predator 165 is not just a well-built, high performance fishing boat, it is also a spacious and stable work platform, making it ideal for use as a work boat, safety boat or, when fitted with the family pack of upholstered seats and the rear seat, for use for water-skiing, exploring, or just family fun.

This photograph gives an indication of just how spacious the cockpit is. It also shows the easy-entry stern that makes climbing aboard so much easier. Please see our video showing the single-handed launching of the Predator 165, which shows just how useful this easy-entry stern is!