If you’ve read what the professionals had to say about the Predator 165, you’ll know that it’s a proven and very well-respected fishing boat. But it’s not just the professionals who have nice things to say about it, just read what some Predator 165 owners have written:

Customer Comments

The Mercury F60 is a great motor for the Predator 165, really economical. As for the Predator and its handling, you just cant beat it. The best bit of kit I ever bought!

Malcolm Patterson (posted on Facebook). Thanks, Malcolm.

I have owned a Predator 165 with a Mercury 60 hp efi outboard motor for 2 years now and it never disappoints, it’s powerful enough to be exciting and fast enough to get out quickly to my off-shore fishing spots and for a v hull very stable on the drift or at anchor. One thing I would add is the engine is very economical with fuel, my old boat had a 40 hp Yamaha 2stroke and would burn 20 -25 litres on a trip, the Mercury 10 – 15 on the same trip

Andy Done (posted on Facebook). Thanks, Andy.

Hi Ray…Just thought I’d tell you, & others about my first REAL test of my Predator 165. I took it out to a bass mark that normally only the professional or brave bass men go, (and neither of which am I), but was talked into it by a local experienced bass man. We eventually got to our mark, & waited for the tide to start running. In about half an hour the tide was racing over the reef at a colossal rate. We fished the drift for one & a half hours racing back & forth over the reef in 10 to 15 foot swells. Although it certainly wasn’t comfortable & for me quite frightening at times, but we left the drift with a good box of bass all about 4lbs in weight. The boat far exceeded my expectations. It handled like a dream, & for me passed every possible test I could have given it. It has given me so much more confidence in the boat & its build. (Not that I intend to repeat the experience again in a hurry)…. ……….Thanks Ray for building such a Fantastic boat

Malcolm Patterson (posted on Facebook 23 September 2013). Thanks, Malcolm.

Malcolm….when reading this post I could have sworn I’d wrote this….I’ve now have had many of these experiences and yes you’re right about confidence building aspect…but when you know you’re in a safe craft it makes all the difference and yes it becomes slightly pleasurable beyond the fear….bring it on!

Scott Lawrence (posted on Facebook 23 September 2013 in response to the above post). Thanks, Scott

I just thought you might like to see what your Predator 160 can cope with. (What a boat!)Regards,

Geoffrey Wolstenhome.

Our comment: and the Predator 165 is even better!

Geoffrey Wolstenholme (by email, dated 10th September 2013, reproduced with his kind permission).

I have to say guys….if any of you are in any doubt about the warranty on your boat provided by Douglas Marine….have no fears. I was greeted yesterday at the boatyard and my boat was repaired to a first class standard with no fuss whatsoever. The staff and the guys at the boatyard are so helpful, courteous and professional. I was well impressed with their set up having seen it now for the first time. Well done Predator Boats one satisfied customer. looking forward to the first trip now…Many thanks Grant.

Scott Lawrence (posted on Facebook 16 March 2013). Thanks, Scott.

Hi Grant, I woud just like to thank you and let you know that the Predator 165 is the best thing I have ever bought! I can’t thank your team enough!

Andrew Buchanan (by email, dated 29th January 2013, reproduced with his kind permission).

Hi Ray, since I emailed you I have had the boat on the water with one of my sons. We are both experienced in sailing yachts, large and very powerful motor boats, and powerful RIBS. To say that we were pleased with our 165 is an understatement. She came with a 2 stroke Yamaha 75 and is planing at 15 to 17 knots, and the top speed is much faster than I would want to go on a wee boat! I am still buzzing with the performance of the boat!

David Lipp (by email, dated10th March 2012, reproduced with his kind permission).

Took delivery of my new 165 last night . . . out in a 2 metre swell this afternoon . . . well pleased.

Kindly posted on Facebook by Aurther Fyall, 3rd March 2012

Hi Chris, Ray and Grant

This is a big thank you for the Predator 165 that you built for me thru Dec to Jan 2012.

It seems that all the things you brag about on your website actually happen, which makes a
nice change to the norm.

I have had a lot of secondhand boats over the last 6 years, trying to find my ideal fishing boat that would suit me best, and I have been to the dealers/builders of boats and looked and tried what they had to offer. Some were prettier, some were really ugly, a few were cheaper, and a hell of a lot were not fit for purpose! But with the Predator 165 I have everthing that I need (although, hopefully, I won’t need the “lifering of bouyancy” that you mention quite a few times, in fact, a lot of times!) but everything is at hand, built in, and in its place.

I have had the boat out 4 times over the last few weeks, once on an easterly, which is not good for the south east coast, but the boat loved it (I was sick, but the boat loved it). The hand rails gave me so much comfort.

As soon as I throttle-up the 70hp Suzuki, it is up and wants to go, and not one drop of water comes onto the deck, it hits the side windows and is all thrown outwards, perfect!

So to finish, the boat comes off the trailer like butter off a hot knife, handles perfectly in an easterly spring swell, and is easy to load without taking the trailer off the car.

Thank you all at Hesketh Bank!

Kind regards


Danny Shadbolt (By email, dated 13 February 2012, reproduced with his kind permission.)

“I got the boat launched at Skegness yesterday. There was a bit of surf after the Easterlies of a few days. Just going over the second ledge/sand bar and there were some good waves coming in. Cleared the first and then hit by a double, went over the first and then hit the second and went straight through it. Water went over the top and there was a wall going past us. Thought “OH SHIT!” but it was fine and dry. Boat is brilliant on the water, feels very light and the engine just purrs. At anchor it is very stable, lots of deck space for fishing, very happy that I bought it. Thanks for your time and a big Thankyou to the guys that built it and kitted out the electronics. Very happy customer. 6lb cod and a few doggies were a bonus. Cheers for now, Andy”

Andy Schofield (By email, dated 18 March 2011, reproduced with his kind permission.)

“My husband, Robert, asked me to email you to let you know how pleased he is that he chose to buy a Predator 165.

“He can’t be sure what happened, but he suspects someone deliberately removed the drain bung from his boat while it was afloat on its mooring, allowing it to fill with water. By the time this was noticed and brought to his attention, needless to say, he feared the worst, especially since it was fitted with a Yamaha 80Hp 4-stroke outboard motor that was only two months old!

“However, the Predator ‘lifering’ of buoyancy did its job and the engine was kept above the water and so was totally undamaged, in fact, it didn’t even need an oil change! So, well done Predator Boats, and thanks for building such a great fishing boat!”

Pat Reader (By email, by kind permission of Pat and Robert.)

“I recently purchased a Predator 165 package from Douglas Marine Limited. From the initial tour round the factory to delivery everything was done on time and as quoted. Dave was particularly helpful in advising the spec of the boat and was very thorough in the handover.

I am delighted with the boat and the performance, everything works first time and I have had no problems whatsoever. I am happy to recommend a Predator Boat package for anyone looking for a great value for money, unsinkable day fishing or pleasure boat and with the money I saved the wife is also very happy.”

Nigel Barker(Extract from email dated 20 August 2010, reproduced with his kind permission.)

“I have owned a Predator 165 since May 2008 and it’s been the best boat I have ever owned. Driving it is dead easy, it handles fantastic. And when the wind gets up and the white tops start showing, there’s no problem, the 165 takes it all.

I have been out in some bad weather and the boat handles great, it’s hybrid hull keeps you safe and dry. There’s loads of room for your gear and plenty of cockpit space, so it fishes four with plenty of room. I will never need to buy another boat, as this one does it all!”

Alan Wallis (Extract from email, by kind permission of Alan Wallis.)

“What can I say! The Predator 165 is absolutely fantastic! I knew it would be good, but wow! It’s stable on the drift and then is up on the plane with just a blip of the throttle. And then flies, I mean really flies!! We had a fair old chop at times but, be it waves or big swells, the boat took it all in its stride. Bill came down with his Predator 165 on Saturday and told me about some of the weather he has been out in with his Predator. As he said, ‘It’ll always get you in . . . great boat!’

The boat behaves faultlessly. It’s easy to trail and slides off the trailer for a single-handed launch, be it on a slipway or beach. It’s dry and stable but will certainly motor when you want it to, my sat nav was giving 38 mph at one point and I still had 500 rpm to go! All in all I am one very happy customer!”

Steve and Gill Davies (Extract from email, by kind permission of Steve Davies.)

“We bought our Predator 165 for fishing off the North Wales coast and have just completed our first season with her. She’s a fast, economical boat with exceptional stability both at anchor and when on the drift. The large, open deck space is easy to fish from and the high gunnels make you feel safe in the boat. I can’t find fault with it; she’s a great buy!”

Dennis Bates (Quote originally published in Total Sea Fishing, February 2010. With thanks to Dennis Bates.)

“After 12 months of looking I bought a 165 in July with a 60 Merc on it. Of my three boats over the last 20 odd years the Predator is by far the best in the sort of seas we get around here (Lancs) and is ideal for two or three to fish from.”

Kevin Eccles (Quote originally published on the Boat Fishing Monthly website, 15 January 2009. With thanks to Kevin Eccles.)

“I am unaccustomed to writing thank you letters, but I thought your great customer care warranted a special ‘written note’. The patience and advice you have given me during the ordering, purchase and hand over of the vessel were first class and very much appreciated.

“Sunday, wind force 5 to 6 northerly, but sea only slight, the launch went very well. The boat just rolled in, no trouble. Increased my street cred no end. Had about 2 hours on the water, gently running in the motor, family all very happy. Looking forward to next trip!”

Steven and Joanne Bartlett (Extract from email, by kind permission of Steven and Joanne.)