New Predator Trailers by SBS Trailers

Following the recent changes in European trailer legislation, we have been reviewing the new range of boat trailers that are now on the market and we have been particularly impressed by the SBS range of boat trailers. The following features, in our opinion, make the SBS boat trailer the best currently on the market:

Welded chassis – far fewer U-bolts than other manufacturers.

Double-dipped galvanising as standard, vastly increasing the life expectancy!

NEW sealed-for-life wheel bearings for less hassle!

Stronger A-frame design.

Stainless steel brake cables.

Mudguard steps fitted as standard.

New European lighting with wiring harness INSIDE the chassis for protection.

LED waterproof lighting and waterproof connectors.

No other trailer manufacturer offers all of these excellent features and, because of this, all Predator full package deals will, in future, come with an SBS boat trailer. Predator Boats are pleased to confirm that there will be no increase in the price of the Predator package deals as a result of this significant improvement.

Predator Boats