The Predator 165 was developed to be one of the safest sea-going fishing boats in its class and, with that objective, “unsinkable” just wasn’t good enough for Predator Boats.

“A boat can be called “unsinkable” even if its stern is held under water by its outboard motor and its bows are pointing up at the sky like a rocket! What help is that to you if you are five miles offshore and alone in a bitterly cold sea?”


This can’t happen with the Predator 165. The “life-ring” of buoyancy built into the hull of the Predator 165, which is additional to the usual under-floor buoyancy chamber, means that swamping is not the danger that it is with so many other open fishing boats.

Not only that, but with the Predator 165, ALL the buoyancy tanks are FULLY foam-filled, unlike many of the other fishing boats currently on the market which have buoyancy tanks that are only partly filled with foam.

In addition, the foam we use at Predator Boats is a closed cell foam, which means that the individual air cells are closed and sealed so that they will not and cannot absorb water, even if fully submerged without any surrounding protection.

The effect of these two measures is that even if a buoyancy tank on the Predator 165 is punctured, it will still do its job and the boat will still float level and protect its crew!

If you want to know more about how we tested the Predator 165, just click on the link below